A Symphony of Flavors : Yuzu Omakase’s Creative Menu Combinations

At Yuzu Omakase Bangkok, we orchestrate a culinary symphony that harmonizes diverse ingredients to create unforgettable dining experiences. Our commitment to innovation is evident in every dish, where flavors, textures, and presentations come together in perfect unison.

Our Creations 2023 Dec 18

3500 Baht Course : An Overture of Delight

The 3500 Baht Course introduces you to a prelude of flavors, starting with the Freeze Dried Vegetable with Liquid Nitrogen appetizer. This sets the stage for a medley of tastes, including Madai, Shima Aji, Ma Saba Bird's Nest, Ama Ebi, and more. Each element plays a distinct note in the symphony of this course.

Omakase Bangkok

5500 Baht Course : A Crescendo of Culinary Excellence

Elevate your dining experience with the 5500 Baht Course, a crescendo of culinary excellence. The Abura Kinmedai, Kinki Sushi, Botan Ebi, and Grilled Otoro + Crispy Iberico are the high notes, creating a symphonic journey through the finest flavors.

Omakase Bangkok

7500 Baht Course : A Harmonious Fusion of Taste

The 7500 Baht Course is a harmonious fusion of taste, featuring Yuzu Sake, Tsujiko Nama, Sumi Ika, Sayori, Amadai, and more. The Uni Abuta Toast Truffle and Zuwai Tofu Tempura Caviar add a crescendo to this culinary symphony.

Omakase Bangkok

9500 Baht Course : Culinary Opulence in Every Bite

Indulge in culinary opulence with the 9500 Baht Course, where dishes like Hotate/Taraba Bubble, Uni Abuta Toast Truffle, Awabi + Uni Ensui Soba on Ice, and the decadent Yuzu Tree/ Yuzu Not Yuzu/Truffle Ice Cream create a symphony of opulent flavors.

Omakase Bangkok

15000 Baht Course : The Grand Finale of Gastronomy

For the grand finale, the 15000 Baht Course takes you on a journey of gastronomic brilliance. Experience the crescendo with Nodoguro Bird's Nest, Kuruma Ebi Caviar, Uni Bafun Roll, and an exquisite Tamago Take Away, concluding your symphonic feast on a high note.

Omakase Bangkok

Reserve Your Table : A Ticket to Culinary Harmony

Join us at Yuzu Omakase Bangkok for an unrivaled culinary experience that transcends the ordinary. Reserve your table and immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors where every dish is a note, and every bite is a masterpiece.




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