Seasonal Surprises : Yuzu Omakase’s Ever-Changing Menu

In the bustling culinary landscape of Bangkok, Yuzu Omakase stands out as a beacon of excellence, offering a dining experience that is both dynamic and unforgettable. Situated in the heart of Siam Square, Yuzu Omakase is a destination where traditional Japanese cuisine meets innovative culinary artistry. Our commitment to freshness and quality is evident in our ever-changing menu, designed to highlight the best seasonal ingredients and keep our patrons coming back for more.

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The Philosophy of Omakase

The term "Omakase" translates to "I'll leave it up to you," encapsulating the essence of trust and spontaneity that defines our dining experience. At Yuzu Omakase, our chefs take this trust seriously, curating a menu that evolves with the seasons to ensure the freshest and most exquisite dishes. Each visit to our restaurant is a unique journey, offering new flavors and experiences crafted with the finest ingredients.

A Symphony of Seasonal Ingredients

Our dedication to seasonal ingredients means that our menu is always in flux, reflecting the bounty of each season. This approach not only ensures the freshest flavors but also introduces our guests to a variety of ingredients at their peak.

Spring Delights

Seasonal Surprises
Seasonal Surprises

Sayori (Needlefish):

Delicate and slightly sweet, sayori is a springtime favorite. Its light flavor is perfect for sushi, allowing the freshness to shine through.

Hotaru Ika (Firefly Squid)

Known for its luminous appearance, this squid is a seasonal delicacy with a unique, tender texture.

Summer Sensations

Seasonal Surprises

Awabi (Abalone)

This prized shellfish offers a firm texture and subtle flavor, making it a summer highlight.

Kinki (Rockfish)

Sweet and delicate, kinki is often enjoyed grilled or as sushi, embodying the essence of summer.

Autumn Treasures

Seasonal Surprises

Matsutake Mushrooms

These aromatic mushrooms are a prized autumn ingredient, adding depth and earthiness to our dishes.

Iberico Pork

Known for its rich marbling, this premium pork is perfect for hearty autumn dishes.

Winter Wonders

Seasonal Surprises
Seasonal Surprises

Nodoguro (Blackthroat Seaperch)

This fatty fish is perfect for winter, offering a rich and buttery flavor that warms the soul.

Taraba (King Crab)

Sweet and tender, taraba is a luxurious ingredient that shines in our winter menu.

Signature Dishes with a Seasonal Twist

While our menu changes with the seasons, some signature dishes are perennial favorites, enhanced by seasonal variations.

Seasonal Surprises
Seasonal Surprises

Beluga Caviar (18-20 years)

This luxurious caviar, aged to perfection, is a staple that we pair with seasonal ingredients for a unique twist each time.

Oscietra Caviar

Known for its nutty flavor, this caviar is often featured in our spring and summer menus, adding a touch of elegance to fresh dishes.

Chawanmushi Truffle

This savory egg custard is a year-round favorite, with seasonal mushrooms like matsutake in autumn or black truffle in winter.

Yuzu Cookies

These light and crispy cookies are flavored with yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit, and are a delightful way to end a meal. Seasonal variations might include additional flavors like matcha in spring or black sesame in winter.

Innovative and Unique Dishes

Innovation is at the heart of Yuzu Omakase, where traditional techniques meet modern creativity. Our chefs are constantly experimenting with new ingredients and techniques to bring you dishes that are both familiar and surprising.

Seasonal Surprises
Seasonal Surprises

Edible Canvas

This unique dish features ingredients artfully arranged on a plate, creating a visual masterpiece that tastes as good as it looks. The components change with the seasons, ensuring a fresh and exciting presentation every time.

Freeze-Dried Vegetable with Liquid Nitrogen

A modern twist on traditional vegetables, this dish offers a crunchy texture and intense flavor, with seasonal vegetables like summer tomatoes or winter root vegetables

Grilled Otoro + Crispy Iberico

This decadent combination of fatty tuna belly and crispy Iberian pork is a harmonious blend of textures and flavors, often enhanced with seasonal garnishes.

Hand Roll

Our hand rolls feature a variety of fillings, with ingredients like fresh spring asparagus or autumn matsutake mushrooms, wrapped in nori for a perfect bite.

Hotate/Taraba Bubble

This creative dish features scallops and king crab presented with a bubble for a touch of whimsy, often accompanied by seasonal sauces and garnishes.

Miso Cappuccino Soup

A creamy miso soup with a frothy top, resembling a cappuccino, combining tradition with innovation. Seasonal ingredients like spring peas or winter squash might be included.

Negitoro Roll

A sushi roll filled with minced tuna and green onions, a classic choice that we enhance with seasonal variations like summer shiso leaves or autumn yuzu zest.

The Art of Sushi and Sashimi

Our sushi and sashimi offerings are a testament to the skill and precision of our chefs, showcasing the finest seafood in its purest form. Each piece is a work of art, meticulously prepared to highlight the natural flavors and textures.

Seasonal Surprises
Seasonal Surprises


The lean part of the tuna, known for its deep red color and robust flavor, is a staple that we source fresh year-round.


A prized cut of tuna belly, offering a perfect balance of fat and flavor, is often featured in our sushi and sashimi courses.

Kinmedai (Golden Eye Snapper)

With its rich and buttery taste, kinmedai is a favorite for sashimi, particularly in winter when the fish is at its fattiest.

Madai (Sea Bream)

Sea bream has a firm texture and subtle sweetness, making it a classic choice for sushi, particularly in spring.


The fattiest part of the tuna belly, otoro is incredibly rich and melts in your mouth, often paired with seasonal garnishes for added depth.

The Sweet Finale

Seasonal Surprises
Seasonal Surprises

No meal at Yuzu Omakase is complete without a sweet ending. Our desserts are crafted to provide a light and refreshing conclusion to your dining experience.

Yuzu Sake

This refreshing and citrusy sake is perfect for pairing with our dishes, offering a palate-cleansing finish.

Yuzu Not Yuzu

A creative dessert that plays with the flavors of yuzu in unexpected ways, often featuring seasonal fruits and garnishes.

Yuzu Tree

A dessert inspired by the yuzu fruit, offering a burst of citrus flavor that is both refreshing and satisfying.

Petir Four

Bite-sized desserts that provide a sweet ending to your meal, often featuring seasonal flavors like spring cherry blossoms or autumn chestnuts.


A refreshing and palate-cleansing dessert, made with seasonal fruits like summer berries or winter citrus.

A Commitment to Excellence

At Yuzu Omakase, we are committed to providing an unparalleled dining experience. Our dedication to seasonal ingredients and innovative dishes ensures that each visit is unique and memorable. Our chefs take pride in their craft, continually pushing the boundaries of traditional Japanese cuisine to bring you something new and exciting.

Join us at Yuzu Omakase and embark on a culinary journey that transcends the ordinary. Experience the seasonal surprises and ever-changing menu that keeps our guests coming back for more. Discover the artistry and passion that define Yuzu Omakase, and let us take you on a gastronomic adventure like no other.

Seasonal Surprises




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