From Sea to Table : A Royal Feast of Crab Delights at Yuzu Omakase Bangkok

At Yuzu Omakase Bangkok , we invite you to embark on a regal journey from the bountiful sea to your table with our exquisite Crab Delights. Celebrating the king of crabs, Taraba, and the queen crab, Zuwaigani, our culinary artisans have meticulously crafted a menu that pays homage to the ocean's royalty.

Our Creations 2023 Dec 15

A Royal Feast of Crab

From Sea to Table : A Royal Feast of Crab Delights at Yuzu Omakase Bangkok

Taraba Crab Extravaganza : Indulge in Opulence

The king crab, known as Taraba, takes center stage in our curated creations. Renowned for its succulent, sweet meat and impressive size, Taraba crab is a symbol of opulence on your plate. Yuzu Omakase ensures that each dish featuring Taraba crab is a celebration of its rich flavor profile.

A Royal Feast of Crab

Zuwaigani Elegance : Graceful and Flavorful

Zuwaigani, the queen crab, graces our menu with its delicate yet flavorful meat. Sourced for its unique taste and tender texture, Zuwaigani crab adds a touch of elegance to our creations. Explore the nuances of this regal ingredient in a variety of dishes crafted to perfection.

A Royal Feast of Crab

Signature Crab Dishes : Culinary Excellence Unveiled

Indulge in our signature crab-infused dishes that showcase the versatility of Taraba and Zuwaigani. From decadent sushi rolls and sashimi platters to innovative appetizers, each dish is a testament to our commitment to culinary excellence. We invite you to savor the natural sweetness and briny notes of these majestic crabs.

Expert Pairings : Elevate Your Crab Experience

Complement your crab feast with our expertly curated wine and sake pairings. Our sommeliers have selected beverages that enhance the rich flavors of Taraba and Zuwaigani, creating a symphony of tastes that elevate your dining experience.

Limited-Time Crab Celebration : Reserve Your Table

The Crab Delights at Yuzu Omakase are a celebration of seasonal abundance and culinary artistry. Join us for a limited-time indulgence and savor the extraordinary flavors of Taraba and Zuwaigani crab. Reserve your table today and experience the unrivaled decadence of our Crab Delights, where the sea's royalty meets culinary perfection.

A Royal Feast of Crab




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