Omakase for Seafood Lovers : Japan’s Coastal Treasure on the Plat

Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of Omakase dining, where the ocean's bounty is transformed into a symphony of flavors. Japan, renowned for its coastal treasures and seafood delicacies, offers an unparalleled culinary experience that seafood lovers simply cannot resist.

The World 2023 Oct 12

A Seafood Odyssey

Omakase, a Japanese dining tradition that places trust in the chef's creativity, showcases the freshest catches from the coastal waters of Japan. At Yuzu Omakase in Bangkok, this culinary journey takes on an international flair, presenting Japan's coastal treasures with a global twist.

Start with the Classics

Begin your seafood adventure with the timeless delight of "Sashimi." Revel in the sheer simplicity of thinly sliced, fresh seafood. From the succulent "Maguro" (bluefin tuna) to the exceptional "Nodoguro" (blackthroat seaperch), each bite offers a glimpse into Japan's coastal heritage.

Exploring the Depths

Venture into the depths of the ocean's flavors with "Sea Urchin" or "Uni." Known for its creamy texture and briny essence, uni is a prized delicacy that embodies the essence of Japan's coastal cuisine.

A Symphony of Tastes

As you journey through the Omakase experience, you'll encounter a symphony of tastes, textures, and preparations. "Sayori" (Japanese halfbeak fish) offers a gentle sweetness, while "Anago" (saltwater eel) presents a tender and sweet profile.

Global Influences

Yuzu Omakase celebrates the international appeal of seafood with dishes like "Salmon Avocado Maki," where creamy avocado harmonizes with omega-3-rich salmon. It's a fusion of flavors that showcases the global influence on Japan's coastal cuisine.

A World of Seafood

The "Otoro" experience, the fatty part of bluefin tuna, transcends boundaries. Its predominantly marbled flesh melts in your mouth, revealing Japan's mastery of seafood preparation.

A Culinary Passport

Embark on a culinary passport to Japan's coastal regions without leaving Bangkok. Yuzu Omakase's dining experience brings the world's oceans to your plate, offering an unparalleled exploration of Japan's coastal treasures

Experience Omakase

Whether you're a seasoned seafood connoisseur or a curious epicurean, Yuzu Omakase is an invitation to savor the beauty of Japan's coastal bounty. Each dish tells a story of tradition, innovation, and reverence for the ocean's gifts.


Dining at Yuzu Omakase is more than a meal; it's a celebration of Japan's coastal heritage and the global influences that have shaped its culinary identity. It's a reminder that the ocean's treasures are a gift to be savored, and that, in every bite, you can taste the essence of Japan's coastal soul.